Mediacom Announced 1 Gig Internet and Help For Low Income Families

Aug 9, 2017

Mediacom customers in southern Illinois can now get the same product - at a faster speed.

They're offering 1 gigabyte speed, that's 40 times the speed required by the Federal Communications Commission.

Mediacom Operations Director for Southern Illinois, Joe DiJulio, says Mediacom wants to bring the high speed option to rural communities - not just big cities.
"Mediacom is the first major cable company to fully transition. We're doing this everywhere for this company. So, it's a major investment."
The high speed helps with businesses and families who have a lot of internet users at once. It helps with the frustrating buffering time.

This service is available now but you have to opt in and the prices vary. About 30 people in the region have already signed up. For more information call Mediacom at 866-452-4747.

At some schools, it's a requirement to use the internet for homework, but some families simply can't afford it.

Mediacom has a solution. They've started a program called Connect 2 Compete. Phyllis Peters, Mediacom's Communications Director says there aren't hidden fees and there isn't an exact cap on the data.
"We're such a tech rich county and a wealthy country, we don't want to leave anyone behind. So, this is a program we're putting a special effort on it in Jackson and Williamson County and a big effort in Southern Illinois."
To qualify, you have to be in the Mediacom service area and have at least one child in school between K-12 who is qualified for free or reduced-price lunch through the National School Lunch Program. This program is not available for current customers, those who've subscribed in the past 90 days and those who have outstanding bills. For more information call the direct line for the program at 855-904-2225.