Jackson Co. Board to Consider Immigrant Rights Resolution

Jul 12, 2017

A resolution to make immigrants in Southern Illinois feel welcomed in the community was approved on Tuesday, by the legislative committee of the Jackson County Board.

The proposed resolution comes from the Southern Illinois Immigrant Rights Project which helps immigrants in the area know their rights and helps with family and immigration law paperwork.

Jess Jobe with the Project says the resolution will go to the full board next week.
"Next week, our resolution will be at the full County Board. We do anticipate that there's a possibility that changes will be made to the resolution that we provided by the County Board at that time. But, we're hopeful for an affirmative vote."
The resolution aims to make immigrants in the area feel safe by rejecting religious registries and not questioning the immigration status of a resident unless order by state or federal law or a court order.

The Jackson County Board will hear the resolution July 18th, at 6 pm.