Invisibilia Comes to WSIU Radio

Feb 5, 2015

Join NPR and WSIU Radio for the special new series Invisibilia!   It's a brand new radio show and podcast that is taking the airwaves by storm. Take a glimpse into a world you can't see with Invisibilia.

Credit NPR

 Invisibilia, is co-hosted by Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel, who helped create Radiolab and This American Life.

It's science plus storytelling that ultimately makes you see your own life differently.

Tune in Friday's at 8:00 pm.  Listen and tell us what you think!

WSIU Program schedule:

Feb 6, 8:00pm
The Power of Categories examines how categories define us -- how, if given a chance, humans will jump into one category or another. People need them, want them. The show looks at what categories provide for us, and you’ll hear about a person caught between categories in a way that will surprise you. Plus, a trip to a retirement community designed to help seniors revisit a long-missed category.

Feb 13, 8:00 pm
In Our Computers, Ourselves, a look at the ways technology affects us, and the main question is : Are computers changing human character? You’ll hear from cyborgs, bullies, neuroscientists and police chiefs about whether our closeness with computers is changing us as a species.

Feb 20, 8:00 pm
The Secret History of Thoughts asks the question, “Are my thoughts related to my inner wishes, do they reveal who I really am?” The answer can have profound consequences for your life. Hear the story of a man gripped by violent thoughts, and explore how various psychologists make sense of his experience. Also, meet a man trapped inside his head for 13 years with thoughts as his only companion.

Feb 27, 8:00 pm
In our hour Fearless, a look at what would happen if you could disappear fear. You’ll hear about the striking (and rare) case of a woman with no fear. The second half of the show explores how the rest of us might "turn off" fear .

Mar 6, 8:00 pm
In How to Become Batman, an examination of the surprising effect that our expectations can have on the people around us. You’ll hear how people’s expectations can influence how well a rat runs a maze. Plus, the story of a man who is blind and says expectations have helped him see. Yes. See. This journey is not without skeptics.

Mar 13, 8:00 pm
In Entanglement, you’ll meet a woman with Mirror Touch Synesthesia who can physically feel what she sees others feeling. And an exploration of the ways in which all of us are connected -- more literally than you might realize. The hour will start with physics and end with a conversation with comedian Maria Bamford and her mother. They discuss what it’s like to be entangled through impersonation.