Illinois Senate President Says Gov. Rauner May Be Left Out of Budget Talks

Feb 15, 2018

The Illinois Senate president says the General Assembly may have to bypass the governor again to approve a budget this year.

Democrat John Cullerton says although Governor Bruce Rauner's budget speech Wednesday was the most realistic of any he's given ... he doesn't think the proposal to cut costs by shifting pension costs to universities and K-12 schools will gain much traction.

Cullerton says he'll try to work with Republicans in the Senate to pass a balanced budget.
"We'll see if we can get cooperation from some Republicans. They may be of a mind to unite with the majority of Democrats, and see if we can just pass a balanced budget without the governor's help again, just like we did last year."
Senate Republican Leader Bill Brady of Bloomington said Wednesday he's willing to work with Democrats ... but that he thought the governor's proposed budget was "a great blueprint."