IL Lawmakers Consider Gun Control Measures

Feb 26, 2018

Several gun related measures will be discussed in the General Assembly this week in response to recent mass shootings across the country.

The so called "gun-safety package" includes proposals to license gun dealerships at the state level, increase age restrictions on military-style assault rifles, and add mental health screenings for gun buyers.

State Rep. Kathleen Willis (D-Addison), who's sponsored several of these proposals, says she believes this is the right time to get lawmakers on board.
"This is pushing a number of people who were on the fence, off the fence-and realizing what's the difference if I say yes now at the end of February or if I wait and I say yes at the end of April. And I think it's forcing them to say let's say yes now."
Willis says the proposal to ban bump stock modifications will return after it failed to get enough votes last fall. It's in response to the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Lawmakers say these and other measures have a better chance to pass when they zero-in on specifics, rather than trying to regulate across the board.