IDVA Says Military Discount Program is Now Available

May 5, 2017

The Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs is compiling a list of businesses that offer military discounts.

A 2015 law was designed to connect veterans and active duty service members with businesses interested in offering discounts and promotions.

A state audit found the Veterans' Discount Program was not implemented. The department responded that it wasn't developed due to staff turnover and other priorities.

Dave MacDonna is a spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs. He says the program is now up and running through the department's website.
"We have a simple spreadsheet on the page separated by county so that the veteran can look at what's close to where they live and determine if there is a service there that they could use for a discount."
MacDonna says there is also a form for businesses to submit their offerings. Discounts submitted so far include dental work, car repairs, and funeral services.