IDOR About to Roll Out Invest in Kids Initiative

Nov 7, 2017

The Illinois Department of Revenue is announcing details about the recently enacted Illinois tax-credit scholarship program.

The Invest in Kids initiative provides a tax credit to individuals or businesses donating towards scholarships for low-income students to go to private school.

Department of Revenue spokesperson Terry Horstman says in order to participate, you need to apply online.

"Those interested in applying are strongly encouraged to register for a My Tax Illinois account as soon as possible to avoid any processing delays when the application system goes live on January 2."
The amount of the credit will be based on where the scholarship program you're donating to is located. For awarding credits, Illinois is divided into five regions, coinciding with Illinois Appellate Court district boundaries.  Contributing taxpayers will be required to select the region, Scholarship Granting Organization, and amount they wish to contribute.

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