House Fails to Override Rauner Veto of Union Arbitration Bill

The Illinois House Wednesday  failed to override Governor Bruce Rauner's veto of a measure that would have required binding arbitration in union contract disputes.

It's a repeat of what happened with a nearly identical measure Rauner also vetoed last year.

The legislation's sponsor is Representative Chris Welch, a Democrat from Hillside.

He says it was "outrageous" for Rauner to walk away from the negotiating table with AFSCME, which represents the bulk of state employees. Welch says his plan is a reaction to that.
"House Bill 580 is a fair arbitration process. Process that is going to get us to a responsible contract."

House minority leader Jim Durkin disagrees...and points out it only applies to Governor Bruce Rauner.

"I think it's pretty obvious that the individuals who are supportive of the bill don't like the governor. They believe they can defeat him the next time around and they certainly don't want to saddle a new administration with what is probably the worst piece of legislation that I have seen in all my years down here."
The state labor relations board is currently holding hearings to decide if there's an impasse on those contract talks.  The failed veto override means that process will continue.

In a statement ... Rauner called the vote an attempt by Democrats to put taxpayers on the hook for a 3 billion dollar tax hike.