Guns Bills Emerge in Springfield

Apr 26, 2016

Several guns bills have been proposed this legislative session in Illinois.

Some of the bills have gained some traction...where others have stalled.

Senator Kyle McCarter of Vandalia wants to expand the list of places people can conceal carry and to let military stationed in Illinois get their concealed carry permits.

"We've got a lot of military around Scott Air Force Base that would like to have their conceal carry permits. These are the people that can handle the guns well as anyone."

One highly opposed by gun rights groups would let a close friend or family member ask the courts to take away the gun of their loved one if that person is suicidal or having a mental breakdown. It's sponsored by representative Kathleen Willis of Northlake.

"It's in response to, of course, recent mass shootings. Community members have noted there were warning signs ahead of time. And many times family members saw these warnings."

Another measure would require police to revoke the gun permits of people who have protection orders against them.  Another would require court clerks to report every person who a judge deems mentally disabled to the state police so they can revoke their permits.