Gov. Rauner's Rewrite of SB 1 Could Impact Hiring of New Teachers

Aug 9, 2017

School districts are due to receive state funds Thursday, but that can't happen until the lawmakers either override Governor Bruce Rauner's veto of Senate Bill 1 or come up with some other plan he will sign.

One of his changes could have a big impact on schools hiring new teachers: Thanks to a new state pension law, districts will now have to pay their pension costs.

But, Mike Jacoby, from the state school management alliance, says Rauner's amendatory veto cut the part of SB 1 that would've recognized pension payments as part of a school's cost of doing business.
"So the AV language, eliminating any of the reference to normal cost in the adequacy target, means that those are costs the district is going to have on all new teachers that will never show in their adequacy target."
The Senate is scheduled to vote on school funding on Sunday.

The House will take the matter up the following Wednesday.