Gov. Rauner Says Anthem Protests Are Insulting

Sep 25, 2017

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says athletes who are protesting during the National Anthem are insulting the country.

Rauner’s most recent disclosure of where all his money comes from shows he’s a part owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Bulls.

During Sunday’s Bears game against the Steelers - most of Pittsburgh's players stayed off the field during the National Anthem.

Rauner says athletes who protest during the anthem insult - quote - “our nation as a whole.”

"And as a result, insult our veterans who have fought and many have died to defend our nation and our flag and our values."

Rauner also says people in America are free to be insulting.

He did not address President Donald Trump’s comments that NFL owners should fire those who disrespect the flag.