Gov. Rauner Says 3rd Party Tried To Help Strike Budget Deal

Feb 10, 2017

Bruce Rauner says an undisclosed third party tried to help strike a budget deal between the Illinois governor and his main political rival - House Speaker Michael Madigan.

Governor Rauner was asked on WBEZ Friday morning whether he’s tried a mediator with Democratic House Speaker Madigan.

Rauner says he did bring in someone who..."the Speaker fondly regards and regards as a leader and has a lot of respect for and has a lot of respect for and have them come and sit and listen to us and coach and give feedback. I’ve done this many, many times."

It obviously didn’t work - the state budget impasse is now at 20 months.

Rauner’s office wouldn’t say who this person is or when the meeting happened.

A spokesman for Speaker Madigan said he doesn’t know about it.

Rauner and Madigan have not met in two months.