Durbin Considers Arming Military Members in U.S.

Jul 22, 2015

The question of whether members of the military should be allowed to arm themselves is getting more attention in the wake of last week's shooting death of five service members in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Chairmen of both the House and Senate Armed Services committees say they are already working on legislation to clarify when a post commander may allow service members to be armed while in the U.S.

Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin says he believes that members of the military should be allowed to protect themselves when they are functioning in uniform, and in an official capacity.
"I'm open to ways the military may suggest to do achieve that; mandating at some federal level that everyone carry a gun, or something like that, may go overboard."
In 2009, twelve service members were killed in a shooting at Fort Hood, Texas.  A 2013, shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, left twelve civilian employees dead.  Both shootings prompted questions of best how to protect individuals at domestic military facilities.