Dr. J. S. Elwell is the First of Four Chancellor Candidates to Visit Carbondale

Apr 11, 2017

The first of four finalists for SIU Carbondale Chancellor visited the campus Tuesday. 

Dr. J.S. “Jeff” Elwell answered questions from the hiring committee, as well as campus leaders and others. 

Dr. J. S. Elwell says he's no stranger to universities. He’s studied in California, Louisiana, and earned his Ph.D. from SIU. 

He also has experience as a university professor, department chair, dean and provost. 

Elwell says these administrative positions gave him the experience to face the challenges of being a chancellor during Illinois' historic budget crisis.

“Quite honestly the chancellor can not fix morale, what the chancellor can do is make people feel like there is a direction and there is the possibility of success and there is communication and there is transparency.” 

Elwell says SIU has lower tuition compared to other states' in-state tuition, and that should be a main focus to increase enrollment for in-state and out-of-state students. 

“I think there has to be a very aggressive, very aggressive branding, marketing and outreach and trying to bring in as many students.” 

Elwell says he knows is will be a difficult road for SIU in the future and thinks everyone needs to come together to pull through it and knows that he can’t do it alone. 

Tune in next Wednesday to hear from George Hynd from Oakland University who is the second chancellor candidate