Dr. Brad Colwell: Third SIU Carbondale Chancellor Finalist

Apr 25, 2017

The third finalist for SIU Carbondale Chancellor had his turn in the spotlight today.

Dr. Brad Colwell , the current interim Chancellor, took questions from the hiring committee.

Dr. Brad Colwell has held a few positions at SIU - a Professor, Department Chair, and Dean - before leaving for Bowling Green State University where he spent five years as a Dean. Colwell returned to SIU as Interim Chancellor in 2015, just as the state's budget impasse began, and knows first-hand the difficulties associated with it.

“Understand that SIU is an important part of this community and while we're suffering through this, we have to have bold leadership.”

Colwell believes SIU’s enrollment is the way to make up the funding that previously came from state support.

SIU visited every high school in Illinois to reach as many in-state students as possible.

Colwell says a key factor is the reasonable cost of tuition, which SIU should use to entice new students.

“When you look at the five highest reigning institutions in the state of Illinois, we are the cheapest when it comes to affordability.”

Colwell closed by giving those in attendance a morale boost, saying that SIU has made it a priority to protect the jobs of current employees while other universities have used furloughs and lay offs.

“If ever there would be an institution that closes, I promise you it won’t be SIU.”

The last candidate vying for the Chancellor position is Carl A. Pinkert from the University of Alabama who is scheduled to interview on April 27th.