CUB to Hold Discussion on Southern Illinois' Future Energy Needs

Oct 1, 2018

Following the passage of the Future Energy Jobs Act, the Citizens Utility Board wants feedback on issues about clean energy.

The Future Energy Jobs Act requires 3,000 megawatts of new solar energy, but Illinois is only at 100

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports just 7% of energy generated in Illinois is from a renewable resource and not all of those are considered clean.

Scott Allen, the Environmental Outreach Coordinator says the Board will hold a discussion to get feedback from area residents in October.
"We're not there to talk at people and try to convince them of anything. This truly is an opportunity for people to come and tell us what their communities need."

He says with all of the coal mining related jobs, Southern Illinois is a priority.
"Nobody wants these people to be out of work and not have anything to replace that. So, this feedback from these communities further downstate, it's especially important to know, to know what they feel like a just transition is. What are good jobs to them?"

Allen says that information will be relayed to a policy team and turn into legislation presented to lawmakers over the next year. The discussion is at John A. Logan from 12-1 on October 10th.