Court Bars Gov. Rauner from Imposing Terms on AFSCME

Mar 3, 2017

An Illinois appellate court has temporarily barred Governor Bruce Rauner from imposing his contract terms on the state's largest public-employee union. The 4th District Appellate Court sided with AFSCME ... issuing an order prohibiting immediate action by the Republican governor.

Anders Lindall is a spokesman for AFSCME. “The court’s decision today says Rauner can’t unilaterally change any terms of employment until that appeal is decided, because in the words of the court, ‘The union has a reasonable likelihood to prevail.’" The Rauner administration called off talks after a year, and convinced a state labor regulator to declare them at "impasse.” AFSCME is challenging the impasse ruling. The court ruling blocks the administration from implementing its terms while the case is ongoing. Rauner lawyer Dennis Murashko says delaying the administration's "commonsense" offer costs taxpayers 2 million dollars a day.