Chicago Democratic Alderman Announces Run for Governor

Jan 3, 2017

A Chicago alderman says he's running for Illinois governor.

Ameya Pawar anounced his candidacy Tuesday.

The Democrat says he's running for governor because he wants to tackle income inequality.
"I think it's time to talk about a progressive vision. And stop talking about the status quo or busting unions or reducing benefits or declaring bankruptcy. I just think that's a race to the bottom."

Pawar says government has been given a bad name under incumbent Republican Governor Bruce Rauner.
"Government created the largest middle class and sent a man to the moon and it has a major role in solving problems, especially related to income inequality and I think that's why I'm running."
The Illinois Republican Party is already criticizing Pawar for votes he took to raise certain taxes in Chicago - but Pawar says the wealthy should be paying more in Illinois taxes.

Pawar says he'll advocate for universal daycare in his campaign.

He is the first Democrat to say he's running for governor - but several other Democrats have said they also plan to challenge Rauner.