Cape Girardeau County Democrats Outline Agenda

Feb 26, 2018

Tuesday is when candidates can start filing for Missouri's August primary.

The Cape Girardeau County Democrats went before the media Monday to talk about the organization's agenda for 2018.

Event coordinator Andy Leighton says its most important goal is to produce more votes for democrats in a region dominated in recent years by republicans. He says - in some cases - democrats have stopped voting.
"They feel that one party - whether it's democrats maybe in Illinois or republicans here in Missouri - if one what appears to be too great of an advantage voters will sit on the sidelines."
Leighton says his organization is pushing a redistricting proposal for the November ballot that would allow a non-partisan committee to draw Missouri's legislative boundaries. He says the GOP has drawn the boundaries to provide it with a super-majority in the state House and Senate.

Leighton says he doesn't know what Republican Governor Eric Greitens recent indictment on invasion of privacy will mean for this year's election, especially since Greitens isn't up for re-election. But, he's hopeful the potential blue wave for democrats will reach the Show Me State.

"Our organization has received unprecedented attention from the public. We have people coming in from all around the area, asking questions, getting involved."

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