Candidates for Governor Comment on Speaker Madigan Question

Feb 15, 2018

The Democratic candidates for Illinois governor are weighing in on House Speaker Michael Madigan’s handling of sexual harassment allegations against a campaign aide. But, one had to be pressed.

Chris Kennedy quickly said Madigan should at least temporarily step down as head of the Democratic Party.

State Senator Daniel Biss says he hopes Madigan’s firing of the aide — after three months — isn’t just political damage control.
 But J.B. Pritzker, despite repeated questions, just kept saying ... Pritzker:
 “You know I don’t know all the facts …”
“Again, I’m not sure what all the facts are …”
“We’ve got to find out exactly what the facts are …”
“We need to make sure that all the facts come out …”
“Well I, again, I don’t know all the facts about what happened around the — Alaina.” 
Finally, after being pressed for five minutes, Pritzker said ...
“It shouldn’t take that long”
 Through his attorney, Madigan is defending the three-month investigation into Alaina Hampton’s allegations of harassment by longtime Madigan employee Kevin Quinn.

 The attorney basically said she needed that much time to ... gather all the facts.