Attorney General Lisa Madigan Won't Seek Reelection

Sep 15, 2017

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says she's not seeking re-election for a fifth term.  

The Chicago Democrat made the announcement Friday, reversing previous public statements that'd run again in 2018.        

In the statement she says it's time to seek a "new challenge.''        

Madigan wasn't immediately available for interviews and didn't detail her future plans.        

She briefly considered a gubernatorial run four years ago but announced that she'd seek re-election instead. 

Lisa Madigan is the daughter of longtime Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and in a 2013 statement said the state wouldn't be "well-served by having a governor and speaker of the House from the same family.''

Speaker Michael Madigan says in a statement that his daughter has always stood up for what's right and he's proud of her personal and professional accomplishments.