Area Churches Support Hurricane Relief Centers

Sep 15, 2017

Six area churches and an area retailer are collecting supplies for the victims of the two recent hurricanes in the U.S.

Through September 25th, the Hands of Hope Foundation's Irma-Harvey Relief Aid Drive will collect items and monetary donations.

Hands of Hope Foundation executive director Pastor Troy Benitone says the drive has been extended to include victims of both natural disasters.
"We started off with Harvey and with the additional storm coming in, various people, our partners that are partnering with us around southern Illinois said, hey we also need to respond now to Irma. It hit.  All six churches and Sam's, those are seven local drop spots, all said they'd be glad to extend the campaign an additional week using the same repetitive drop times."

Benitone says Hurricane Irma is a personal event for some SIU student-athletes in Carbondale.
"Pastor Swims over at Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church, he's actually got some Saluki players in the church, and some of their families were in Florida and affected by the damage. We've got some connections there as well."

The collection list of items includes bleach, liquid dish soap, insect repellant as well as dog and cat food.

For a complete list of needed items, churches where they can be dropped off and how to make a monetary donation, go online to or call 618-997-2940.

Again, the drive runs through September 25th.