After Marathon Meeting, Still No SIUC Chancellor Announcement

Jun 16, 2017

Still no official announcement on a new SIUC Chancellor, but leaders at the university say they are moving closer to a final decision.

At a special meeting Thursday, SIU Trustees interviewed the four remaining finalists. University President Randy Dunn says there is consensus on where to go from here.
"I think the Board did come together well around those things. Now, it's going to be an issue of having subsequent discussions with candidates, given what we learned today that the Board is looking at - looking for - to see where everyone is."
Last month, trustees voted to dive deeper into the finalist pool to interview candidates after what they called "confusion" from the campus over which candidate should be hired.

Board Chair Randal Thomas says trustees wanted to dive deeper in order to find consensus.
"We did not feel that that was enough, we then went back and said, 'At what point did the search committee rank order, how many? And they said six.' So we wanted to go back and meet all six of those - of which several had dropped out."
Thomas and SIU President Randy Dunn say there is agreement now on specifically what the Board is looking for, and Dunn says he'll begin conversations on next steps.

Dunn says an announcement could come later this month, with contract approval at the Board's July meeting.