Advocates Urge Fuel Efficiency and Clean Air

Apr 4, 2012

With gasoline prices around $4 a gallon, it can pay to plan those weekend errands in the car.

Jerry Medinger  with the American Lung Association says there are plenty of things you can do to save money on gasoline and reduce pollution as well. For example he says some drivers plan ahead and do many errands at once.
"You know, a car is most polluting when it first starts: cold starts. So, the idea would be if you can get into the car and drive to your farthest destination first, and then work your way back - try to do 'trip chaining' - so you make one trip with multiple stops, rather than multiple trips."
Idling a car gets zero miles per gallon, so he suggests shutting off the engine rather than letting it idle, even for just a minute. If the high gas prices have you seriously thinking about buying a more efficient vehicle, Medinger says it's important to do some homework.

He says there's more information and fuel-saving tips online at