AARP Illinois To Hold Medicare 101 Sessions

Sep 29, 2017

As older folks in Illinois age and make more trips to the hospital or to see a doctor, questions may come up about their health care options and insurance coverage.

Courtney Hedderman with AARP Illinois says many seniors spend sleepless nights worrying about their own health or other family members, and don't always know where to turn to get answers. So next month, she says AARP Illinois is hosting "Medicare 101" informational sessions around the state.
"What is happening? What could happen? What does it mean for myself and for my family? People are absolutely interested, engaged and desperate for information."
Informational sessions are scheduled for October 17th at the LifeSpan Center in Charleston and October 19th at Senior Services Plus in Alton. Both will be from 5:30-7 p.m.

If you can't make it to one of the informational sessions, Hedderman says AARP's website covers many Medicare basics, including costs, information about in-patient hospital care and nursing-home facilities, along with hospice and home health care. It also mentions deductibles and co-payments.