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Members of the Illinois Senate spent hours Tuesday considering a deal meant to end Illinois' 18-month budget standoff.

The package has many moving parts. Somewhere between a minimum wage increase, cuts to government pensions, and higher income taxes a diverse group of nay-sayers emerged, spanning the political spectrum from big business to organized labor.

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The Illinois Senate plans to plow ahead with its proposed budget compromise to end the nearly 2-year-old deadlock with Gov. Bruce Rauner.        

Illinois Senators are expected to soon consider a complicated deal meant to end to Illinois’ 18-month budget standoff.

It's among new legislation that's meant to end the budget stalemate and bring in more tax dollars.

Just a few cities in the U.S., and Cook County have such a tax on the books. In past debates, opponents said a soda tax means a nanny state where the government tells people what's bad for them.

State Senator Scott Bennett says Democrats in his chamber supported a rules change last week to impose term limits on Senate legislative leaders as a show of good faith.

The Champaign Democrat says they're showing their commitment to imposing the ten-year term limits on leaders in both legislative chambers ... as part of a state budget package.

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Chicago State University is getting a whole new slate of leaders.

The school has struggled financially for the last few years due in part to the state's budget impasse.

Illinois lawmakers quickly approved a criminal justice reform package during the two-day lame duck legislative session.

State legislators expanded Illinois’ Paid Sick Leave Act Tuesday. If signed into law, the list of covered family members would include stepchildren and domestic partners. 

Details of a massive, bipartisan compromise meant to end Illinois' budget stalemate emerged Monday in the Illinois Senate. But, the plan has been put on hold.


A Chicago alderman says he's running for Illinois governor.

Ameya Pawar anounced his candidacy Tuesday.

Chicago's violent year was especially dangerous for the city's children. Dozens of young kids were shot in 2016 before reaching high school age.

Governor Bruce Rauner's administration is accusing Illinois' biggest government union of an unfair labor practice.

Contract negotiations began nearly two years ago and ended in January, when Rauner walked away from the table. Last month, the administration finally persuaded a state labor board that the governor and the AFSCME union were at an impasse.


Organizations that help victims of domestic violence are about to stop receiving money from the Illinois state government.

That’s because there’s no full budget.

In the ongoing budget grudge match between Governor Bruce Rauner and the Democratically-controlled legislature, one bright spot is that public schools have been spared.

Rauner, in fact, has boasted that under his administration, general state aid for schools has been fully funded for the first time in years. But there's a caveat to that claim.

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A preliminary report on college enrollment in Illinois shows a decline at all sectors of higher education.

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With Monday's meeting of the Electoral College, Illinois was NOT among the states where there was a concern about so-called faithless electors.

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The Illinois Department of Corrections Wednesday announced most of its workers have completed mental-illness training.

It's part of the settlement in a long-running legal dispute over how Illinois prisons treat inmates with mental-health disorders.

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Illinois Republicans are already attacking a possible Democratic candidate for governor who hasn’t even announced if he’s running. Tony Arnold explains.

Illinois' economy will suffer for years because of the ongoing budget stalemate.


Illinois hasn't had a true state budget for a year and five months. Even so, there's some talk of trying to work AHEAD on a spending plan for the future.

After calling for daily meetings with Illinois' top leaders ... Governor Bruce Rauner called off one that had been scheduled for Thursday.

In a statement ... his office said Democrats were unprepared for the next steps in budget talks.
Thursday, the Republican took that message to voters, with a video on social media.


Hundreds of happy Exelon workers jammed into a high school gym near the Quad Cities Wednesday morning.

They turned out to watch Governor Bruce Rauner sign the bill that will save their jobs - at the nuclear plant in Cordova and one in Clinton, in central Illinois.

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New Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza was sworn into office Monday, pledging to work with both parties in sorting out the state's fiscal mess.

Comptroller Mendoza will serve out the remainder of the late Judy Baar Topinka's term and says she plans to honor her legacy. Mendoza wore a red suit once owned by Topinka and took the oath of office on a Topinka family bible.

Half-a-dozen state representatives have sued the Illinois comptroller for holding up their paychecks during the state budget mess.

The Democratic lawmakers filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court Friday demanding that Republican Comptroller Leslie Munger and Gov. Bruce Rauner ``end unwarranted political pressure.''

The Illinois Senate has voted to override Gov. Bruce Rauner's veto of legislation that would raise the pay for home-care workers.

Senators then approved new legislation to allow disabled clients in the home-services program to choose their helpers even if overtime pay is necessary.

At many polling places across the state Tuesday, citizens will watch to make sure the process is handled in a legal way.

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When the Cubs celebrate their win Friday with a parade in Chicago, it'll be on World Champion Chicago Cubs Day in Illinois.  Governor Bruce Rauner just issued a proclamation making the designation official.

The Cubs winning the World Series is bigger than baseball" Rauner said in a statement.  "This is a celebration for past and present fans along with all the Cubs' legends who never gave up hope.”

The Cubs' victory also means that some of Illinois' top politicians are due for some brews.

In the midst of campaign season ... a pair of Illinois lawmakers are proposing a new ethics law.

The bipartisan legislation would forbid state agency directors from being in campaign ads and brochures.
Senator Sam McCann, a Republican from Plainview, has no opposition in the general election. But first he had to win a bruising primary.

McCann says constituents complained when the state director of agriculture -  Raymond Poe - appeared in campaign material endorsing his opponent.

A new poll on the environment from the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute is surprising even to environmentalists.

Regular voter registration in Illinois has closed.

The last day was Tuesday.