movie poster for Finding Dory
Walt Disney Studios

In 2003 we followed the adventures of a clown fish named Marlin as he and his friend Dory searched the sea to find his son Nemo.  Now, 13-years later Disney and Pixar are back with the sequel – Finding Dory. In this edition of SIU Reviews, film critic Simone Becque has a slightly different take on the animated comedy adventure movie.

Finding Dory is currently playing a theater near you.  Simone Becque is a doctoral candidate in the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts at Southern Illinois University.

Thanks to an $80,000 grant from the SIU School of Medicine Rural Health Initiative and a #100,000 donation from The Poshard Foundation for Abused Children, 180 abused children in southern Illinois are receiving a new treatment called Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  The money is used to train health care workers and social workers in implementing this new treatment, which is available through the Children's Medical and Mental Health Resource Network, which is a program of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.  In this report, we will hear from members of the network, and also from a mother, whose daughter was helped by this new treatment option.

Legislators who've been privately working for the past month to craft a temporary budget have one drafted.  But that doesn't make it a done deal.

The strain of going nearly a year without a budget ... coupled with doubt a full deal can be reached in the near future ... have made a temporary budget the priority.

Hot Rod
Street Machine Nationals

Thousands of people will be in Du Quoin this weekend for the Street Machine Nationals.

The event - which runs through Sunday - features hot rods, street machines, dream machines, and street trucks.

The Diabetes Today Resource Team of Jackson, Franklin and Williamson counties, Southern Illinois Healthcare and the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois are offering free kidney and health screenings on Monday June 27th, 2016 at Cornerstone Church in marion.  To learn more call Lisa Nation at Southern Illinois Healthcare 457-5200.  Or visit:

Southern Illinois University Carbondale again this year is warning people and animals to avoid skin contact with water in Campus Lake due to the presence of toxic algae.

A new survey conducted by the United Way of Illinois shows the state's ongoing budget impasse is having a dramatic impact on social service agencies and their ability to provide those services.

Illinois' higher education system is preparing for a rough academic year.

The lack of a state budget is causing major hardships for institutions and students.

Human service agencies in Illinois - like Centerstone - have been providing services as best they can during the ongoing budget stalemate.

But, as we approach the start of a second fiscal year without a state budget, Centerstone has announced it will have to eliminate some vital services.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

In part one of our two-part report on a treatment program for people with mild to moderate dementia, we explained how Cognitive Stimulation Therapy - or CST - works. In part two, WSIU's Brad Palmer takes us to a CST session where we'll hear from dementia sufferers and their family members.