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Benzodiazepines: America's 'Other Prescription Drug Problem'

1 hour ago

Drew was in his early 30s. His medical history included alcohol abuse, but he'd been sober for several months when he became my patient.

His previous doctor had given him a prescription for Ativan, or lorazepam, which is frequently used to allay tremors and seizures from alcohol withdrawal.

Some people read about history; poet Kevin Young actually saw an important part of history each week, when he went to his family's church in Topeka, Kan. The former pastor of St. Mark's African Methodist Episcopal Church was the Rev. Oliver Brown, of Brown v Board of Education fame. Rev. Brown was before Young's time, but he was still a felt presence.

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Jennifer Fuller/WSIU

A proposal to shift $5.1 million dollars in state funding from the SIU Carbondale campus to SIU Edwardsville failed Thursday, after a bitter debate over its merits.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner says Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens should resign.

WSIU/Kevin Boucher

Several dozen SIU students, along with several SIU Carbondale Professors, took part in a Teach-In at the SIU Student Center on Wednesday April 11th, 2018.  The speakers urged those assembled to not support the Chancellor's Proposed reorganization plan.

Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

A group of regional leaders is voicing its concern about the SIU Board of Trustees consideration of a fund shift between the Carbondale and Edwardsville campuses.

Carbondale Mayor Mike Henry organized the gathering Wednesday at the Civic Center.

Bookworm in Carbondale to Close Soon

Apr 11, 2018

After 17 years in business, the last independent used bookstore in the area is closing.

Bookworn owners Kelly and Carl Rexroad would like to sell the business, but Carl Rexroad says if a buyer is not found, he's unsure when Bookworm will officially close.

The Illinois state comptroller is releasing $350 million to public school districts statewide as part of the newly approved education-funding overhaul.

The Illinois Department of Public Health has reported a third death linked to synthetic cannabinoids since early March.

It takes women more than 15 months to earn what men earn in 12 - but pay inequality is not the only discrepancy Illinois women face in the workplace.

Illinois House Republicans are lashing out at a Democratic suggestion that the state should adopt a graduated income tax.

Minority Leader Jim Durkin said Tuesday his resolution opposing increased rates on higher levels of income is a protest against what he calls the ``customary practice of the General Assembly: Spend now, pay later.''

Steven Spielberg's latest movie is the Science Fiction virtual reality adventure Ready Player One.   The movie is  based on Ernest Cline’s novel of the same name.  In this edition of SIU Reviews, film critic Walter Metz takes a closer look at the film that is set in 2045 but firmly rooted in 1980's movie lore.

  Walter Metz is is a Professor of Film Studies in the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  You can listen to more SIU Reviews here.


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